Chakki Fresh Atta

Make Scintillating Dishes with Our Chakki Fresh Atta

Chakki fresh atta is synonym to farm fresh. It means the atta or the wheat powder has just come from the mill after grinding. The fresh product always has a delicious taste and nothing can match the uniqueness of the flour.

Just as the name suggests chakki fresh atta, which means the flour or atta is just out of the flour mill; Imperial World Trade Pvt. Ltd. presents Imperial Flour which is one of the best and fresh flour brand to its customers across India and around the world.

We are leading exporter of the world today. Presently, we are exporting our supreme quality and healthy flour items in the countries like US, UAE, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Canada, Oman, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, New Zealand, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, South Korea, Congo, Mauritius and Nigeria.

We are trying to reach other countries as well. We are hopeful and determined with our goal to reach maximum number of the countries on the globe.

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The name Chakki comes from the machine that was used in villages earlier when there were no automated mills or modern technology. The wheat chakki atta is supposed to be fresh and delicious.

In today’s world where getting any food product with its freshness is difficult, we as one of the premier chakki fresh atta manufacturers and exporters from India try to retain the freshness off our products so that our clients can have soft Puris, Parathas and Rotis out of the Tawa.

How is the Farm Fresh Atta Processed?

Once the wheat plant is harvested, the grains are separated and the endosperm is taken to Chakki, which has a small round grinding machine which grinds the grain into powder. There will be handles and they are turned manually. In the early days almost all villages had the Chakkis for grinding the flours.

Indian Wheat Chakki Fresh Atta Suppliers

Chakki Fresh Atta from the House of Imperial World Trade Pvt. Ltd. Provides

  • 100% Pure and Fresh
  • Easily Digestible
  • Rich in Nutrients
  • Clean and hygienic packaging
  • Economical
  • Long Shelf life
  • Several packaging options in 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg.

We offer our products with the name of Imperial Flour and now it is one of the most trusted brands in chakki fresh atta.

We are topmost manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality chakki fresh atta for customers across India and the world. To ensure the credibility and freshness we get the raw material from direct suppliers.

After getting the material we transfer them to automated plants where they are grinded to make fine chakki atta ready to use. Our team of quality experts then tests the quality and freshness. Then they are packaged in special packets where they are supplied to clients across the world and in India. Being one of the most reputed chakki fresh atta suppliers and exporters in the country we are bound to our customer satisfaction.

We believe that our customers staying across the world should be satisfied with our products so that they demand more of our products. We ensure that grains are selected with proper care, ground to the right proportion, tested for quality and packaged to retain the freshness.

As a premier chakki fresh atta manufacturers and exporters we make it sure that all are products are prepared according to clients requirements.

What Our Clients Say

"Working with Imperial Flour is easy to deal and his works is really appreciated. The assistant and support we received from Imperial Flour was excellent that we faced with another clients ever. The advice given for all flour products by them is in such a manner and perfect."
" We regularly getting products from Imperial Flour which have good quality of health and nutrition. We highly recommended Imperial Flour for perfect and well quality flours. Their flours are not only incredibly yummy, but its service is on time deliveries and pleasant to work with."