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Rava, which is the soft white grain is used to make Upmas and Payasams, Laddoos. It is a by product of wheat flour manufacturing process. Rava Flour is also used to make Idlis, Dosas, Khichdis and Rava Halwa. It is widely used in South Indian Cuisine especially in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

How is Rava Flour Prepared and Processed?

The Rava Flour is also popularly known as Bombay Rava. Since Rava is obtained from another by product of wheat known as Maida, the grains are extremely fine and soft. The Maida powder is ground in a flour mill. The powder is obtained after grinding the husked wheat.

In India, the flour mill is known as Chakki. The powder is passed through a fine mesh to remove the impurities and then filtered. At each step we make sure that quality standards are met. Apart from being used in India, it is widely exported to different countries across the globe.

Imperial World Trade Pvt Ltd’s Imperial Flour brand of Flours is one among the reputed rava flour manufacturers, exporters and suppliers who manufactures good and high quality Rava Flour for the clients across the world.

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Rava Flour from Imperial World Trade Pvt. Ltd. is

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Manufacturers of Rava Flour
High Quality Rava Flours from the House of Imperial World Trade Pvt. Ltd.

Imperial Flour brand is one of the most trusted rava flour manufacturers and exporters based in Rajkot District, India. We have several years of experience in manufacturing and supplying flours like Wheat, Rava, Maida and others. We value our quality most. So to ensure that our clients who are using our products we provide the best quality flours which are manufactured using the latest technologies and equipments.

Our quality analyzing team of experts have years of experience in checking the quality of the products. When you buy the flours from trusted Rava Flour suppliers, you can ensure that they meet quality standards.

We are among the leading provider of India. We already marked our name on the globe. We have several clients from various countries like Australia, US, UK, Kenya, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and Maldives. We have aim to reach at every corner of the globe.

Therefore, we are trying to establish and set new milestones of the high quality flour with our Imperial brand.

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